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Hotell Amari Coral Beach Phuket

Patong Beach, Tri-Trang
2 Meun-Ngern Rd., Patong Beach,
Phuket, Thailand

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Pris från     817:-        Hotellet är 4-stjärnigt och håller hög klass
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Hotell Amari Coral Beach Phuket i Patong Beach, Tri-Trang, Phuket. Klicka för att läsa mer och skicka bokningsförfrågan

Hotell beskrivning Amari Coral Beach Phuket:
Amari Coral Beach Resort is a located in the most popular beach of Phuket, Patong Beach. The resort is perfectly situated on a sheltered headland next to Patong Beach where ideal for an exotic getaway. The resort prides to present a romantic bayside restaurants, stylish room and recreational facilities, including two swimming pools, a fitness room and a diving centre. The well-known Sivara Spa is set on a blossoming tropical hillside, overlooking Patong Bay, offering a range of massages, facials and body treatments. Rooms are fully equipped with generous amenities. The rooms have balconies with unique beautiful sea views.

Tillgängliga rumstyper
Superior Room, Deluxe Room
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Logo Hotell Amari Coral Beach Phuket

Hotell Omdömen

4.1 av 5.0 :: Rum/bungalows
4.4 av 5.0 :: Service
4.7 av 5.0 :: Faciliteter
4.3 av 5.0 :: Hotellets läge
Hotell klass Hotellet är 4-stjärnigt och håller hög klass

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Recensioner om hotell Amari Coral Beach Phuket i Patong Beach Phuket

Vistelse Kommentarer om hotellet Hur sköttes bokningen
The hotel is well designed and located at a good location, not too far from patong beach area and you can get the most things of the holiday needed: The garden, pool, restaurant, breakfast are quite acceptable for us. You can access to sea and mountain conviently through its own beach and a beautiful gallery bridge build in the sea. The view is quite nice and peaceful, which can bring you some special feelings... The only thing need to improve is the hotel reception staff, not as warm as others...
Antony Randall
Our stay at the Amari Coral Beach Hotel during July 2011 was great. Service all round was of a high standard, breakfasts were a feast, daily happy hour at the pool bar was great and overall we loved the place. The layout of the hotel area is great,right on the beach,two pools,a gym,may other lounge/bars area s, daily acitivites and friendly staff that were only too happy to assist with anything. I would highly recommend this hotel for anyone as it is walking distance to Patong were everthing happens and at the same time nice and quite if you want to relax. The Australian dollar exchange rate to the Thai bhat really made for a low cost holiday. The service we received from the booking company ThailandGuiden.se was fantastic. They really helped us out when we made an incorrect booking date over the internet. They were very efficient in getting back to us. Good service all round!!
Location not very convenience. Going out should by car. Room and toilet is quite small compare with other same grade hotel. But If tourist plan the trip just for relax and always stay at hotel. It will be suitable. Hotel s facility and restaurant is quite good. Comparative low price than other agent Reservation staff answer enquire fast and helpful
Awesome hotel nd place.I wud luv to visit d place n no. of times.The location was perfect nd views 4m d hotel was again fabulous.Eveything was perfect,gorgeous and perfect. again excellent.....
Phillip Samuel Smith
Excellent hotel for location, quality facilities, service and food. Easy booking on line
Chen Zhao
perfect hotel perfect sawdee.com i may short pay 300baht (taxi fee)to Amari pls contact with me or make a link for this payment perfect and very quick response
Khun Sasikan Tiwawatpakorn
ā¸Ģā¸Ĩā¸ąā¸‡ā¸ˆā¸˛ā¸ā¸•āš‰ā¸­ ā¸‡ā¸—ā¸ŗā¸‡ā¸˛ā¸™āšƒā¸™ā¸Šāšˆ ā¸§ā¸‡ā¸Ēā¸‡ā¸ā¸Ŗā¸˛ā¸™ā¸•āšŒ ā¸Ąā¸˛ 5 ā¸§ā¸ąā¸™ ā¸āš‡ā¸–ā¸ļā¸‡āš€ā¸§ā¸Ĩā¸˛ā¸ž ā¸ąā¸ā¸œāšˆā¸­ā¸™ ā¸„ā¸Ŗā¸ąāš‰ā¸‡ā¸™ā¸ĩāš‰ā¸‚ā¸­ āš€ā¸­ā¸˛ OT ā¸Ąā¸˛āšƒā¸Šāš‰ā¸Ĩāšˆā¸§ā¸‡ā¸Ģ ā¸™āš‰ā¸˛ ā¸‚ā¸­ā¸™ā¸­ā¸™ā¸Ŗā¸Ŗ.5 ā¸”ā¸˛ā¸§ā¸Ēā¸ąā¸ā¸„ā¸Ŗā¸ąāš‰ ā¸‡ ā¸Ģāš‰ā¸­ā¸‡ā¸žā¸ąā¸ā¸˜ā¸Ŗā¸Ŗ ā¸Ąā¸”ā¸˛ā¸Ąā¸˛ā¸āš† ā¸„āšˆā¸­ā¸™ā¸‚āš‰ā¸˛ā¸‡ā¸ˆā¸° ā¸œā¸´ā¸”ā¸Ģā¸§ā¸ąā¸‡ ā¸Ģāš‰ā¸­ā¸‡āš€ā¸Ģāš‡ā¸™ā¸§ā¸´ ā¸§ā¸—ā¸°āš€ā¸Ĩ āšā¸•āšˆā¸Šāšˆā¸§ā¸‡ā¸•ā¸­ā¸™ āš€ā¸ĸāš‡ā¸™ā¸™āš‰ā¸ŗā¸Ĩā¸” ā¸āš‡ā¸ˆā¸°āš€ā¸Ģāš‡ā¸™ā¸§ā¸´ ā¸§ā¸Ģā¸´ā¸™āš‚ā¸Ēāš‚ā¸„ā¸Ŗā¸ āšā¸—ā¸™ ā¸Ģā¸˛ā¸”āš€ā¸Ĩāšˆā¸™āš„ā¸Ąāšˆ āš„ā¸”āš‰āš€ā¸žā¸Ŗā¸˛ā¸°ā¸§āšˆ ā¸˛ā¸Ģā¸´ā¸™āš€ā¸ĸā¸­ā¸° ā¸Ąā¸ĩā¸”ā¸ĩā¸—ā¸ĩāšˆā¸­ā¸˛ā¸Ģ ā¸˛ā¸Ŗāš€ā¸Šāš‰ā¸˛āš€ā¸žā¸Ŗā¸˛ ā¸°ā¸­ā¸˛ā¸Ģā¸˛ā¸Ŗāš€ā¸ĸā¸­ā¸° ā¸Ąā¸˛ā¸āš† āšā¸Ĩā¸°ā¸āš‡ā¸Ąā¸ĩā¸Ģāš‰ā¸­ ā¸‡ā¸­ā¸˛ā¸Ģā¸˛ā¸Ŗā¸Ģā¸Ĩā¸˛ā¸ĸ āšā¸Ģāšˆā¸‡ āšā¸•āšˆā¸Ŗā¸˛ā¸„ā¸˛ā¸āš‡ā¸„ āšˆā¸­ā¸™ā¸‚āš‰ā¸˛ā¸‡āšā¸žā¸‡ ā¸™ā¸° āšā¸•āšˆā¸āš‡ā¸„ā¸‡āš€ā¸›āš‡ ā¸™ā¸˜ā¸Ŗā¸Ŗā¸Ąā¸”ā¸˛ā¸‚ā¸­ā¸‡ āš‚ā¸Ŗā¸‡āšā¸Ŗā¸Ąāšā¸šā¸šā¸™ ā¸ĩāš‰ā¸Ąā¸ąāš‰ā¸‡ ā¸”ā¸ĩā¸Ąā¸˛ā¸ā¸„ā¸°
Shlomo Barzilay

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