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Recensioner om hotell i Ban Tai Beach Koh Phangan

Vistelse Kommentarer om hotellet Hur skttes bokningen
Raed Hakami
فندق من احمل فنادق بوكيت اخذنا فيلا مطله من الخافه ولكن للاسف كانت محجوبه بشحره كبيره وغيرنا الى سبا فيلا غاليه صحيح ولكن تستاهل صار لنا موقفين غير حيدين مع الفندق وجانا مدير الشفت ومساعدة مدير الفتدق وقدمو عشاء مجاني و وجبه مع مشاهدة غروب وتاكسي توصيل مجاني ومساج مجاني بصراحه فندق و موظفين محترفين جداً جداً جداً استمتعنا فعلاً. A piece of heaven nice view and don t miss the sun set prever book early big big thanks to Palm and Mrs. Keaw we loved our stay and will come again.
Mattias Larsson
Great resort. Highly recommended! Definitely more upscale than most hotels in Thailand. The only thing that makes me rate it a 4 rather than 5 is that the bathroom had glass walls and a sliding door... Yes there is a curtain but personally I like the possibility to actually close and lock the door properly when going to the bathroom... The breakfast was awesome and the staff was great. An extra plus is that we were offered a late checkout at no additional cost! Really great since we had a late flight.
Raed Hakami
اخذنا غرفه خيمه مع مسبح لان ماحصلنا bird nest الفندق جميل وموقعه جميل جداً تجربه جديده و رائعه. The hotel was great also the staff. They have a buggy can take anywhere in the hotel. Hotel located in forest and close to Fantasea and keemala and kamala beach it was a great Experience.
Raed Hakami
قطعه من الجنه من افضل الفنادق اللي مرو علي بحياتي فيلا بمسبح خاص A piece of heaven a place you will never forget and the staff they are very helpful and willing to make happy they are angels. Ioved my stay there.
omer stoler
The place is very welcoming, green and clean. However, the water in the shower stinks (a lot and All the time), thus the room is smelly.
Margret Arbter-Höft
We were received very warmly at the reception. For us it arrived and feel good. The whole hotel has a beautiful style and everywhere a nice smell. This is in the air all the time, is unobtrusive and beautiful. You just can not put it in words. Toiletries are also provided and even a scrub. The garden of the hotel is magical and is maintained daily. The whole Perosnal is always ready to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The restaurant is located directly on the beach and from breakfast there is a view of the sea from every table. On the beach there are sufficient beach chairs in the hotel, reserve before breakfast is not necessary. Breakfast is very good. There is no sausage and cheese, but I have not missed either. It was the first time I had to cry when saying goodbye. It was just amazing. Thanks for all
Mr A D Milton
I have been staying at the Nana Hotel for 17 years . I find it’s an ok value for money. What now lacks is a good internet connection. This has now cost the Nana hundreds of regular customers. The quicker the Nana gets this problem sorted. The quicker the regulars will come back & also spread the word. It would also help the Nana if they installed a gym. It would benefit the Nana in getting more customers if people could book a room directly with the Nana. It’s impossible to book a triple room online !!!
The breakfast is verygood and many kinds,and i love 2 swimming pool,everything is good only the room i booked a little bit samll.
ศรีโสภา พิริยะสมบัติ
อาหารเช้าอ ร่อย เจ้าของน่า รักเป็นกัน เองกับลูกค ้า ห้องพักวิว ดอยขุนน้ำน างนอนสวยมา ก บรรยากาศดี ราคาสมเหตุ สมผลใกล้แห ล่งท่องเที ่ยวแม่สาย ความสะอาดพ อใช้
Jan Boerlage
We have had a pleasant stay at this hotel. Friendly staff, big rooms but noisy. Sometimes people are slamming with and knocking on doors, loud talking in the early morning at 5-6 o clock. But when we checked out, we had to pay THB150 for a towel, which was a bit dirty due to food stains. I told the lady put it in the wasching machin! This caused some irritation. Strange that you have to pay at a 7/11 location for the booking.
คุณ.​อภิลัคน์​ เจียมจันทร์
Room was smelly. I will not come back at all convenience for phone booking. but 15 days prior to arrival is quite too long.
กิ่งกาญจน์ ธุระวงศ์
ห้องพักสวย และสะอาด เดินทางสะด วกใกล้ทะเล ชอบมากคะ
nureeman doloh
เป็นโรงแรม ชื่อดังสมั ยก่อน ห้องปูพรม สุขภัณฑ์ห้ องน้ำเป็นแ บบเก่า แต่สะอาด เพราะเป็นโ รงแรมเก่าแ ก่ พนักงานกระ เป๋าบริการ ดีมาก อยู่ใจกลาง เมือง ใกล้ห้างเซ ็นทรัล ลีการ์เด้น . กิมหยง
Knut Herrem
Hotel good. Vert good service. Little bit expensive. The Wi Fi suchs. In 2019 we expect a far better and stabil Wi fi. The sunbeds Could Been better. Look to other hotels and SEE what they have. is good. We USE IT every time we book in Thailand.
Trevor Alan Cross
Another year at White House, never been disappointed. So pleased to see some long overdue renovation work being carried out, the hotel has been showing its age for too long. Thanks again to Jhenella and all the staff for a great stay. Easy as always
ชิตชไม โอวาทฬารพร
Irina Ermilova
Влюбились в этот отель за потрясающий вид с балкона! Жили в основном корпусе, номер огромный, балкон огромный, берите этаж повыше, супер вид и шум прибоя! Отель очень красивый, весь в цветущих кустарниках, очень чистый и ухоженный. Ресторан красиво оформлен и тоже с потрясающим видом, готовят вкусно, но дорого, цены не включают сервис и налоги, это ещё плюс 17%. Завтраки отличные. Персонал доброжелательны й. Пляжа своего нет, возят на лодке на пляж соседнего отеля. Риф хороший, видели черепах и даже рифовую акулу! Отель на горе, приходилось много ходить по лестницам, но это же полезно))) Хотим вернуться сюда снова!
Regis Franck Claude MELIN
Very good hotel close to Chaweng nightlife but need a scooter (5mins) to get around! Plung villa room superb and large I stayed at 322 right next to the main pool which was a bit noisy with the kids not ideal when you want to rest, relax in its private pool, (so I tell myself it the hotel is only for adults! Very good buffet breakfast but from 8am it is too hot an air-conditioned room would be perfect
I have stayed at this hotel before when coming from Bangkok. It’s a good hotel and very service minded staff. The location is a very quiet beach and personally I would get bored if I stayed for more than a few nights. We just stayed for one night before taking the boat to Koh Tao and that was perfect. I can recommend this place for a short stop after a long haul flight to recover a bit.
Jongkonrut Pipatanusorn
ดีมากค่ะ เยี่ยมมากๆ ค่ะ

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