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Hotell Suriwongse Hotel

City, Chang Klan Road
110 Chang Klan Road, Muang
Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Pris från     244:-        Hotellet är 3-stjärnigt
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Hotell Suriwongse Hotel i City, Chang Klan Road, Chiang Mai. Klicka för att läsa mer och skicka bokningsförfrågan

Hotell beskrivning Suriwongse Hotel:
Suriwongse Hotel, One of Chiang Mai s finest city hotels, promises excellent accommodation, business and leisure experiences. 3 restaurants and bars. Contemporary Lanna Thai Style located in the heart of the city at Night Bazaar square, the most popular area for the tourists and business travelers. Conveniently, just a step down to the shopping promenades, merchandise kiosks, bars and restaurants, banks and entertainment complex.

Tillgängliga rumstyper
Superior Room, Deluxe Room, Premier Deluxe Room, Family 2 Bedroom
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Logo Hotell Suriwongse Hotel

Hotell Omdömen

3.4 av 5.0 :: Rum/bungalows
3.1 av 5.0 :: Service
3.1 av 5.0 :: Faciliteter
4.1 av 5.0 :: Hotellets läge
Hotell klass Hotellet är 3-stjärnigt

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Recensioner om hotell Suriwongse Hotel i City, Chang Klan Road Chiangmai

Vistelse Kommentarer om hotellet Hur sköttes bokningen
James Hudson
Perfect stay, all staff from reception staff to cleaning staff were all friendly and helpful. very good comfort in rooms, and good breakfast. and near all amentities, excellant highly recommended always a pleasure to book through Sawasdee.com
Choy Seng Hoe
my dad was involved in a lift accident where the lift hit both sides of his head followed by injuring his hand (subconciously out his hand inbetween the closing lifr blades to stop it from closing). GMy dad had to be rushed to the hospital. The supervisor in charge during that time help to bring my dad to the closest hospital. Suriwongse was kind enough to pay for the 1st day bill as well as they said it was the first time just lift accident happened. Overall very satifised with the service and positive attititude by the staffs. Did notice a baby cockcroach running in the room but overall very happy with the room and the cleanliness. booking went well.
Lena Hardin
A very nice hotel with marvelous breakfast and fine service! It will be even better when they restauration is finally over! But I will be happy to recommend this hotel anytime! Thank you and we will came back! Excellent booking service. Easy to contact and fast response! Always helpful and it s always a pleasure to do business with them
Tiziano Fabbri
We stay 4 nights, the hotel is luxury for my standard. Part of the hotel is renovation, so the price is much lower then normal... very good deal! The swimming pool and gym were not available, but personally why do you need it in Chiang Mai? Go out and visit this wonderful city. Position, 500 m from night bazaar. Staff very nice (as always in Thailand), breakfast excellent. My suggestion: visit the city with a bike. Excellent as usual!
Robin Bennett
I was disappointed that the pool was not open but the staff has arranged shuttles for people who want to use the pool. Beds were hard. I slept on the cushioned couch. Breakfast was wonderful and staff super friendly. Rooms were very large and clean. very easy to use and book online
Everthing was perfect. There was no pool, because the was under construction, But they brought us to another pool with the hoteltaxi for free. That pool was perfect, very nice. Good service. Very friendly and helpful staff. We definitely coming back.
ā¸„ā¸¸ā¸“ ā¸”ā¸Ĩā¸ĸā¸˛ ā¸¨ā¸¸ā¸ ā¸„ā¸˛ā¸–ā¸˛
āš€ā¸›āš‡ā¸™āš‚ā¸Ŗā¸‡āšā¸Ŗā¸Ą āš€ā¸āšˆā¸˛ā¸—ā¸ĩāšˆā¸Ąā¸ĩā¸Ģ āš‰ā¸­ā¸‡ā¸žā¸ąā¸ā¸Ēā¸°ā¸­ā¸˛ ā¸” ā¸ā¸§āš‰ā¸˛ā¸‡ā¸‚ā¸§ā¸˛ā¸‡ ā¸•ā¸āšā¸•āšˆā¸‡ā¸Ēā¸§ā¸ĸā¸‡ ā¸˛ā¸Ą āš€ā¸„ā¸Ŗā¸ˇāšˆā¸­ā¸‡ā¸™ā¸­ā¸™ āšƒā¸Ģā¸Ąāšˆā¸Ēā¸°ā¸­ā¸˛ā¸” āš€ā¸•ā¸ĩā¸ĸā¸‡āšƒā¸Ģā¸āšˆ ā¸Ģāš‰ā¸­ā¸‡ā¸™āš‰ā¸ŗāšƒā¸Ģā¸ āšˆ ā¸Ēā¸°ā¸­ā¸˛ā¸” āšā¸ĸā¸ā¸Ēāšˆā¸§ā¸™ā¸­āšˆā¸˛ ā¸‡ā¸­ā¸˛ā¸šā¸™āš‰ā¸ŗāšā¸Ĩā¸° ā¸Ģāš‰ā¸­ā¸‡ā¸­ā¸˛ā¸šā¸™āš‰ā¸ŗ ā¸ā¸ąā¸ā¸šā¸ąā¸§ā¸ˆā¸˛ā¸ā¸ ā¸ąā¸™ āš€ā¸‚āš‰ā¸˛ā¸žā¸ąā¸ 3 ā¸„ā¸ˇā¸™ā¸—ā¸˛ā¸‡āš‚ā¸Ŗā¸‡āš ā¸Ŗā¸Ąāš€ā¸›ā¸Ĩā¸ĩāšˆā¸ĸā¸™ā¸œ āš‰ā¸˛āš€ā¸Šāš‡ā¸”ā¸•ā¸ąā¸§āšƒ ā¸Ģāš‰ā¸—ā¸¸ā¸ā¸§ā¸ąā¸™ ā¸­ā¸˛ā¸Ģā¸˛ā¸Ŗāš€ā¸Šāš‰ā¸˛ā¸” ā¸ĩ ā¸Ąā¸ĩā¸Ģā¸Ĩā¸˛ā¸ā¸Ģā¸Ĩā¸˛ā¸ĸ ā¸Ąā¸ĩāš€ā¸”āš‡ā¸ā¸­ā¸˛ā¸ĸā¸¸ 4 ā¸‚ā¸§ā¸šāš„ā¸›ā¸”āš‰ā¸§ā¸ĸ āšā¸•āšˆā¸—ā¸˛ā¸‡āš‚ā¸Ŗā¸‡āš ā¸Ŗā¸Ąā¸āš‡āš„ā¸Ąāšˆāš„ā¸”āš‰ ā¸„ā¸´ā¸”ā¸„āšˆā¸˛ā¸­ā¸˛ā¸Ģā¸˛ ā¸Ŗāš€ā¸Šāš‰ā¸˛āš€ā¸žā¸´āšˆā¸Ą āš€ā¸‚āš‰ā¸˛ā¸žā¸ąā¸āšā¸Ĩāš‰ ā¸§ā¸Ŗā¸šāš‰ā¸Ēā¸ļā¸ā¸›ā¸Ŗā¸° ā¸—ā¸ąā¸šāšƒā¸ˆā¸„āšˆā¸° ā¸ˆā¸­ā¸‡ā¸Ģāš‰ā¸­ā¸‡ā¸žā¸ąā¸ ā¸ā¸ąā¸š ThailandGuiden.se ā¸Ēā¸°ā¸”ā¸§ā¸ āšā¸Ĩā¸°ā¸Ŗā¸§ā¸”āš€ā¸Ŗāš‡ā¸§ ā¸„āšˆā¸°
I was travellling to Chiang Mai with my family and 2 friends of mine. I was a pleasant stay at Suriwongse hotel. I first book through Sawasdee.com online and was confirm with my request for a twin bed and added extra bed with extra of 800bahts perday on the Orchid Deluxe room. Upon check0in, I was told there was no twin bed for the Orchid Deluxe room, but available on the family suite and I was ask to upgrade to this room. I was reluctant to do so as I was not notify on my booking confirmation email. The customer service front desk was so helpful and I get the upgrade at the same rate. Thanks for their excellent respond. Here I wish to compliment their effort and especially the house keeping. They know I was using the sofa as a bed for my kids and without my request they arrange to put on a bed sheet for the comfort of it and I was very impressive with their doing. The breakfast has so many varities of food and it was very nice. Location is just great as it was just at the Night Bazaar. I will definitely stay at this hotel when I come to Chiang Mai again. Here I highly recommend other viewers to stay at Movenpick Suriwongse Hotel Chiang Mai. As for facilities it was under expectation as this hotel is still under renovation for upgrading. I can assure this hotel will be great once renovation works finished. It doesn t bother me much as my trip here is mostly out touring outdoor attraction. Averagely I am very satisfied staying here. Thanks to all the staff of Suriwongse Hotel. Here I wish to recommend viewers to a tourist guide who provide me the excellent service and care during my stay here. His name is Mr Tony just infront of Royal Princess Hotel beside the Duke s Restaurant. DO look for him for your tour schedule plan.
Chin Teoi Peng
Good location. Every night is just like fair ground with the night traders and a vibrant atmosphere. Booking thru thailand1x1.com is good value as breakfast is thrown together with the low room rates. Chiangmai is a great place. Practically everybody can speak English. Getting around is easy. Just rent a bike. People in Chiangmai are very friendly and helpful. Very good. Cheaper than you book from the hotel itself.
This hotel was the big disappointment in our holidays trip. The facilities like swimming pool, restaurant, laundry service. are not available during the on-going renovation till end june/july. There is wifi, but it is highly overpriced. The staff was not very helpful, and very childish about our complaints. Good breakfast, but in a poorly temporary storage room. Fire exits were only at 50% capacity available.Very dangerous! Humid atmosphere in the 2 rooms that we had because of malfunctioning aircos. Old worn out towels. Typically needing a full renovation. Very efficient and helpful, as usual with ThailandGuiden.se. One of the things why we keep coming back to ThailandGuiden.se.
It was a pleasent surprise to find the location, next only to Night bazar. The hotel though under renovation , still is worth the money involved . The breakfast is also quite good and refreshing . Thanks my holiday agent M.M.Holidays .
Klaus Otto Stoltmann
Suriwongse Hotel Sehr gutes Hotel, Preis/Leistungsverhältnis ist o.K Orchid Deluxe Zimmer bzw. Family 2 Bedroom sind Klasse und sehr groß und sauber.Internet kostenlos. Frühstück gut. Hallo Customer service center, ich bin ein Rentner und die meiste Zeit in Thailand. Aber ich schreibe gern über die Hotels. Leistungen und Buchungen über Thailand 1x1 finde ich sehr gut. Wenn ich, wo anders das gleiche Hotel, die gleiche Zimmer und ein eventuelles Storno billiger bekomme, buche ich es dort. Könnte Sie nicht etwas an den Stornos machen? Viele Grüße Klaus Stoltmann
Bryan Gary Parsley
The location of this hotel is very good, that s why I always take my group there every year. The new rooms are very clean and lots of space. As usual, some of the rooms I asked for were changed, for example I asked for 6 twin and 2 double and got only 4 twin and 4 double... very tricky when you have groups and obviuisly strangers, especially of the same sex can not share beds! This has happened a lot in Thailand and makes working with groups very hard. As my reservation was made over 3 months ago, they should give priority for the first bookings. Excellent booking service from ThailandGuiden.se
Paul R Shepanek
My wife and I have stayed at the Suriwongse Hotel several times in the past and will probably do so again in the future, we always enjoy the stay with friendly service. Sincerely very good
Tan Mong Loong
Should have pictures hang on the walls in the guest room. Good
Wayne dummett
well we had a very pleasant time at this hotel staff were very very good room was clean food fine and would recomend it to others without a thought very very good i would use them again no problems booked online simple safe and easy
Larry Edwin Lewis
Our stay was outstanding as always. This stay was our third since 2005 and yes their will be a fourth within a couple years. Again it will be at the Suriwongse hotel. The staff is like family. Our home away from home. ThailandGuiden.se again your the greatest. Thanks again. L.E. Lewis B. Lewis The greatest. Thanks again. Will be working with you again next trip.
Phillip John Kirkham
Older hotel, great location, big rooms, clean. Was in the middle of renovations when we were there so would be better when the pool is open. Restaurant is below par which was disapointing but plenty of eating options around. Great, really easy & quick. Reccomend them, I had no problems.
Loh Mei Ling Annie
Hotel rooms not similiar to what was shown in the website. Aircon not cold, heater not working properly, toilet drainage stuck, room door couldn t be closed and open properly and room service doesn t understand English. Dirty, messy and lousy breakfast. Have skipped breakfast even have paid for it. Very run down hotel, except for location is good and toilet is spacious for premium room. Booking is efficient.
Kirana Laohongkiat
Good and new room. But staff not too much smile. Perfect

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