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 skrivet: idag kl. 13:49 
Startat av spadekevin - Senast av spadekevin

Two weeks ago Friday, I went out for a late dinner with a friend. We choose eating Tai food over getting coffee or a drink because I wanted to make sure I could sleep that night. So, no alcohol all day and coffee not a factor because I have that every morning. So I had this Pad Prik Curry, hot. I turned in early when I got home about 10pm. I woke the next morning and noticed my hands were swollen and stiff. My Encore Viewer software flagged me as spending 23% of the night in periodic breathing. I\'ve never seen that flag before and it has not happened since.

I suspected MSG in the Tai food because of the swollen hands. I read on line that MSG can exacerbate asthma. Have any of you ever had a reaction like that to MSG, where it caused periodic breathing?
Please help.

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Thank you.

 skrivet: idag kl. 13:46 
Startat av spadekevin - Senast av spadekevin

Adjusting to new climatic conditions is key in any expatriation process. Moving to Thailand is no exception.
What are the climate characteristics of Thailand?
How does the local weather impact your daily life, mood or health?
What are the pros and cons of the climate in Thailand?
Share you advice and help people adapt quickly to their new weather environment.

Please help.

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Thank you.

 skrivet: idag kl. 13:44 
Startat av spadekevin - Senast av spadekevin

Planning to go to WSBK at the new track, Buriram, Thailand in March. Has anyone been there, any info on facilities etc?
I have discovered that most hotels in Buriram are booked out for the duration of the meeting and since there is only one flight a day to Buriram from Bangkok, getting there, apart from on buses, will not be that easy!
Please help.

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Thank you.

 skrivet: idag kl. 13:43 
Startat av spadekevin - Senast av spadekevin

my parents and i have planned a trip to Thailand next month, which includes mostly a stay in Phuket, but also some days in Bangkok. Now my question is... is it worth it to rent a car in Phuket for a 10- 14 day stay? Driving in Thailand is a risky business i have heard. Is it really that dangerous?... (road accidents etc.) Do you have any recommendations? My mother (who will be the driver) has already requested that we take a 4*4 to make her feel safer (although i have doubts in this reasoning + its pretty $$$)

Any local or experienced words appreciated.

Please help.

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Thank you

 skrivet: idag kl. 10:26 
Startat av Ralen - Senast av nata
If there are many sad stories, share it with the people you trust. Sharing helps people get closer together and you also relieve some of that sadness.  Best Instagram Posts User Online viewer

 skrivet: 20180718 13:22 
Startat av Patriks - Senast av jonah
Thailand is the next in my list of must see countries... Let\'s see how the journey will be.

 skrivet: 20180717 06:29 
Startat av crowek - Senast av crowek

What brand of vaccines do you use? Which have you seen reactions or lesions?I try to follow the 4 star protocol but I have never used their vaccines.I\'ve tried both mycoflex and circoflex and fostera PCV MH. I had a reaction with one and noticable indents in the neck muscle with the other.I have tried 2 brands of PLE. I used farrowsure gold this year and something less expensive the previous year.I usually use Rhinishield TX4 and Litterguard LTC when available.I am thinking about using an illietis and flu vaccine this year as well.The more I research vaccines the more confused I get. :?:

Please help

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 skrivet: 20180717 05:39 
Startat av Ralen - Senast av Evert
Egentligen inte men tillstånd kan ges av Department of Agriculture.
När det gäller snittblommor är tullen mindre restriktiv värre när det gäller lökar.
Det medförs dock lökar/blommor härs och tvärs, inte minst av alla Thailändskor = risken för obehag ganska minimal.

 skrivet: 20180716 08:12 
Startat av Ralen - Senast av thutrangctp
Får man ta med tulpaner när man reser in i Thailand

 skrivet: 20180715 17:51 
Startat av doris22 - Senast av Evert
ALLT är bara ett stort lurendrejeri, de vill att du ska betala in pengar i förskott sedan händer det numera inget mer, tidigare kunde du få ett ofullkomligt dokument + krav på mer pengar för att få ett \"äkta\" därefter bröts all kommunikation.
T.o.m de s.k Nigeriabreven är mer sofistikerade 93.

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